Keep Me clean
Use Me well
What I see 
I'll never tell
We can see something peeking through right, or have we become numb to its growth?
Cleansing and rinsing ourselves from the unwanted noise. Just like bringing our cars to a carwash, we routinely bring our bodies to a place for cleaning, in which we collectively park them on a daily basis in order to detach ourselves from the dust that lingers. That what smells and is normally present on the surface, is now being masked by the soapy antigenic surfactants that remove its ability to grow further. Yet most of  its material is still there, just like the veins running underneath our skin will sometimes surface. Instead of cleansing I would call it neutralizing. Neutralizing implies, in the CIA's professional terminology, the elimination of a leader, but could also refer to  removing a possible threat. 

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