The self consciousness depends on internal and external processes outside body but the body does not depend on a self-consciousness. And so they move asymmetrical and due to its assymetry bodies automaticly create  errors that influance our abilty to be fully concious. This causes us to to feel things when we're not concious or to be  touched by something without sensing it.Can a dance performance still be harmonious when its out of sync? 
A body without its flesh is a research project that had as output the performance copy and paste 2020 and sculptural work.  Within a body without its flesh I was interested in the idea of a rehearsal of a dance performance and how the errors of the re-hearsal of a dance class are oftenly more interesting than the real performance. After researching the non-harmonic  chords and errors I ended in researching themes such as cleansing, discipline, religion, hierarchy and power relations. I choose to express this  research in a performance where I worked with the setting of a classroom and let the public perform in my work as a teacher against performers who represent themselves as students. Within this classroom I work with various dogma's around "the artworld" that are being read out from  a script whereby most  of its mistakes happend from its translations.The performance I present in combination with props and sculptural work what in itself becomes an echo of different references of the performance  and other concepts that can be seen in the sculptures.

Within the work a body without it's flesh I especially emphasize on concepts like
cleansing and repetition, as the transitioning into the new. All this takes place in a
separation between an external and a internal structure. It is separated by a
sculpture on a morgue bed. The separation of the classroom and that which rather
resembles something that is theatrical as it is ceremonial.On the morgue bed there is an object that is close to the representation of a carcass as it is close to the
proportions of a human, an object in which decay does not emphasize the literal
process of decay, but rather the  forms of recyclable ventilation shafts and old
computer screens. Not a compost heap, but a plaster cast in which broken structures are shown in which we are largely surrounded by our lives. Although we normally use the computer screens as the protective covers of our computers and office spaces, the totality resembles a shape that is close to us. Closer to us because we want tosee a rotting process in the form because it is related to the proportions of our own body. A repetition takes place in the literal imprint of the recyclable ready-made, the idea of making molds, the ventilation shafts, as in the concept of a classroom. A space in wherin its structures are based on the  external structures . The classroom 
is the space where repetition, imitation and error play a major role. A place where we polish away the noise and the excess. Our tongues are being cleansed and our computeres are being rebooted. That what is uncertain  is afraid of falling into the abyss, to a point where it becomes formless.
Laila Sbr Rdz
Xam van kempen
Kleopatra Vorria
Benjamin Francis
Maaike Raaphorst

Copy and Paste 2019 collectively directed
Copy and Paste 2020 Directed by Benjamin Francis

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