Through a juxtaposition of several disciplines and hierarchical systems, Benjamin tries to force systemic errors that lay bare the foundations of power and vulnerability involved in human growth. 
Benjamin Francis, Lives and works in Rotterdam

Eduaction: 2012 - 2016  Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam  MBO
2016 -2020  Bear ArtEZ, Arnhem. Tutors James Beckett & Edward Clydesdale Thomson

30th May 2020 / Wentelteefjes, online expo
1st July - 31st July 2020/ Productiehuis Plaatsmaken Arnhem, The Netherlands
4th November – 8th November 2020/ Finals Omstand Arnhem, The Netherlands


4th – 7th March  / Het Hem All In, Zaandam, Netherlands
8 May -13 June / P/////AKT, Platform for contemporary art,Amsterdam,Netherlands
9 July Allél0n Rotterdam -  London
10 July – 15 August / P/////AKT, Platform for contemporary art, Amsterdam,Netherlands
11th – 14th Aug 2021 / This Art fair represented by Singular Art
11 September – 17 October// P/////AKT, Platform for contemporary art,Amsterdam
Upcoming SECONDroom Antwerpen

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