I am a visual artist with a keen interest in body and space. In my projects, I examine debatable forms of linguistic mistakes or “dirty” environments which are subject to human control. I do this by exploring ways of subverting predominant authoritarian systems of knowledge and the dichotomy between right and wrong, good and bad.

Within my work I reflect on my lived experience of continuously being corrected for spelling mistakes, due to my dyslexia. These dissonances or errors are carefully corrected in our current-day society, as anything outside the norm is deemed unproductive and therefore excluded. By exposing the hidden dynamics of the power relations that structure and regulate the way we were taught to distinguish right from wrong, I question how those systems came into existence and who holds the position to dictate those binary oppositions.

My iterative research projects consist of installations, videos, sculptures and props that sometimes function as the stage for performances. With these site-specific environments I create echo spaces that are full of repetition, dogma and correction: like a bathroom, classroom, ballet studio or autopsy theater.
Benjamin Francis, lives in Amsterdam and works in Zaandam
2022 Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn
2022 Het HEM, Zaandam
2018 Künstlerhäuser Worpswede

2016 - 2020  Bear ArtEZ, Arnhem. Tutors James Beckett & Edward Clydesdale Thomson  
Selected Solo Shows
2022 Hotel Maria Kapel Soloshow, Hoorn - A body without it’s Flesh
         Singular Art, Nijmegen - Zero
2021 SECONDroom Antwerpen - Solo show, Crypt
         P/////AKT,Amsterdam,Netherlands -  The removal of the eye
         P/////AKT, Amsterdam, Netherlands - A body without it's flesh

Selected  Groupshow
2023 If I Can’t Dance, Amsterdam - Open Rehearsal, curated by Mini Maxwell
         limassolartwalks x Joey ramone , Cyprus, curated by Kiki Petratou

2022 Kunsthuis SYB, Beterzwaag -The Sybren Hellinga Art Prize, curated by Titus Nouwens
         Het HEM, Detail - Zaandam - curated by Rieke Leonie
         Nieuw en meer, Amsterdam, Show me what you got, curated by Chantal van Lieshout
         Tinimini Room - Dordrecht
2021 Mutter, Amsterdam, Blood sea, curated by Angels miralda, Amsterdam
         P/////AKT, Amsterdam - Duo show with Tessa Langeveld
         Het HEM, Zaandam, All In curated by Rieke Leonie
         W139, Amsterdam, Love For Sale
         Allél0n, London - Maundy
2020 Productiehuis Plaatsmaken, Arnhem, curated by Fleur Lamers
         Omstand Arnhem, Arnhem - Curated by Fleur Lamers
Grants & prizes
2022 Amarte fonds
2022 Nomination for: SYBREN HELLINGA ART PRIZE
2023 Stichting Niemeijerfonds
2023 Stichting Stokroos

Daily Lazy - The removal of the eye
YYYYMMDD - The removal of the eye
KUNSTBLIJFTEENRAADSEL - Eindexamenpresentaties
Art viewer - Postcards from the edge
TrendBeheer - Rondje P/////AKT
Kuba Paris - BLOOD/SEA 
Metropolis M - The Real (E)State: On the Fate of Artistic and Cultural Spaces in the City

Lost painters - Eindexamen Bear

Kunstradar - Podcast
Mister Motley - Sedimentatie en Erosie - Laura van Grinsven

Artist Talk 
Artez Hub - Talk with Krista Jantowski and Jessica Tiemessen

Second voice for:  Weixin Quek Chong & astridt sweeney - Ontogenesisdreamlab
De appel - somemerunschool 
P/////AKT- catalogue  text by: Àngels Miralda, Laura van Grinsven en Nesli Gül Durukan
ALL INN - exhibition catalogue
Artez 2020 -  ‘something where there should be nothing’ exhibition catalogue

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