A Love story
spiegel, barre, video á 5 minuten
Ballet is an art form in which a mass of boedies is trained to move in exact synchrony and perfect harmony. Every dancer mirrors the other, impeccable control turns them into one. But a body cannot be controlled it generates 'errors', stimuli, idiosyncrasy. Benjamin Francis is drawn to those unharmonious chords that interrupt the ideal of the symphony. With his work he rebels agains the normative idea of beauty, which aims to make a unified whole from a mulititude of diverse bodies. Benjamin rebels against an invisible authority, a social dicipline that a times manifests itself concretely, but more often is latent and orchestrates behavior almost imperceptibly. Above all, he rebels because he wants to highlight the beauty of those out-of-the-tone details: the corporeal, the exceptional, the particular.
Video of a love story -  Note: email me if you would like to see the performance

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